This is how Mannheim works: First, forget everything you ever heard about the city. And then: Just start walking…

Maybe you get a whiff of chocolate in your nose. Maybe you are baffled because not everybody speaks proper High German. But then, when you open your eyes and your heart you will realize that you came across something rather rare in Germany: an international, cosmopolitan and inspiring city that might not be the biggest – but somehow it feels as if it were! Why? Because the city is always moving ahead. And it is hungry. For open-minded people, for change, for progress. And for good ideas.

You will discover soon enough that Mannheim has always been a city of ideas. Chances are pretty good that in the wee hours of the morning someone at a bar in Hafenviertel Jungbusch (by the harbor) will bend your ear telling you how in this city Schiller opened his famous play “Die Räuber”, that Mozart performed at the Electoral Prince’s court, Karl Drais invented the bicycle, Karl Benz the automobile and a certain Dario Fontanella the famous Spaghetti ice-cream dish.

But I guess you’re more intrigued by the fact that this is the best place for your startup, for doing your thing, better than anywhere else in Germany. But enough talk, now it’s your turn. Just do it! Mannheim can’t wait to meet you.

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