What can medical students in Mannheim have to do with CUBEX41?

My name is Johann, I finished my medical studies in Mannheim in 2016 and I’m currently involved in medical technology. It might sound pretty unusual at first, and until recently I did not see this coming.
So how did it happen? I often enjoyed studying very much. I also enjoyed working with patients. What I missed was the chance to be creative in one way or another; at some point, I was well-versed in many medical disciplines but I wanted to develop something on my own. I was interested in technical and digital products rather early and noticed that it was possible to actually develop something on your own here, leaving behind well-worn paths. I completed a summer session on “business and entrepreneurship” at the University of California, Riverside to gain a better understanding of economic aspects and also just to get out of town for a little while. It was a whole different world; I’m not saying it was better than medicine but my focus has become broader in many ways. This was an excellent experience for me–the ability to think outside the box has been most worthwhile!

Currently, I’m trying to combine these areas. I want to move closer to patient care again but also remain faithful to my ideals and develop a product on my own, so I’m trying to strike the balance between both. I was very lucky, as I found a team with which I can foster the development of “”, our first product (an app), with much more power and creativity than I could ever do alone.
Well, yes, it’s not all roses: There are days when I feel overwhelmed by paperwork, I have to take care of many financial issues and I’m financially much weaker than I would be at a hospital, not to mention continuity.
However, we can build our own product, have won various competitions together with our idea and met many interesting people. None of us would want to be without these unique experiences!

CUBEX41 has always been an important contact point!
When you establish a new company, you are full of doubts, have an infinite thirst for knowledge and need a great deal of advice and help, even for small steps, after all we’re taking them for the first time in our lives.
I got in touch with the Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster, which promptly established contact with CUBEX41. The start-up center offered us as young entrepreneurs much free advice and assistance in terms of application procedures as well as administrative and other issues; it also provided us with conference rooms and helped us establish a network with other companies. We always feel that entrepreneurial activities are appreciated and we receive the maximum of support here. This gives us a morale boost, which we often need.
We also found other companies here that are dealing with the same difficulties, and this exchange can be worth a mint. Later on, it is important to establish contacts with your customers; in this respect, too, CUBEX41 is a key point of contact. It is an illusion to think that you can set up everything on your own.
You need support and input, and that is precisely what we found here. So we can well imagine that we’ll stay in Mannheim in the long run, also thanks to CUBEX41. Congratulations!

In a nutshell: CUBEX41 is an excellent point of contact for all medical experts who feel the need to develop a technical product for medicine. My recommendation: Take the chance! Germany provides excellent conditions. Want to know more? Get in touch with me, so we can meet!

Photo: Team (Johann Rink, Felix Franz, Henry Müssemann, v.l.n.r.)